ShaarOffice is a Design & Construct office about architecture and interior design, established in Shiraz-Iran, founded by Ahmad Ghodsimanesh in 2007.
Ahmad Ghodsimanesh was born in 1983, got bachelor in architecture in 2005, graduated from Shiraz Azad University. During his studentship and after that, he had been working for different architecture and urban designing offices for more than 4 years. After gaining useful and practical experiences he started to work as a self-owner.
The basic line of ShaarOffice is focused on organized team working, assigning different parts of project to specialists and accurate supervision on project running from the beginning to the end.
General idea of the office is to gain a creative design method lead to enhancement of the standard level and welfare in people’s life in different sections, from living in the private apartment or buying in the shop to drinking a coffee in a coffee-shop or using sport places and so on.
  • Ahmad Qodsimanesh
  • Maryam Nazemolboka
  • Samane Zare
  • Nazanin Farah
  • Mehrbanoo Malek
  • Reza Fathi
  • Afshin Zare
  • AmirAli Ghafari
  • Mohsen Rasoolizade
  • Mohammad Reza Ahmadi